The art of CHI

The courses take place from the 1st of September 2016

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Want to play Volleyball ?

We are a mixed group of adults who like to play just for fun and friendship.
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For further information call : Gilles Bressoud, 077 410 93 10


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Spring commodity market

7 / 8 / 9 of May 2017

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Summer camp

Each summer, we organize in the prealpine region of the canton a summer camp for the school children of Fribourg. For now 20 years, about 60 children from different parts of the town take part.

Julie Bruelhart, La Colo

Link to La Colo for more information

A space for makers at Schoenberg

The Schoenberg sells his second-hand stuff

Educuational landscape

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Parents and children Café

Parents and children Café and multilingual information movie

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For a clean Schoenberg


Schoenberg, the « nice hill », looks not always as nice as we would like to have it.

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The Schoenberg, better as it's reputation

Patrick Mülhauser, having lived a long time at the Schoenberg, made a report for the "Regionaljournal BE-FR-VS": The Schoenberg bourough, better as it's reputation.

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